Inner Solutions has collected 100’s of testimonials over the years, here are just a few…

It was simple, relaxing, enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone.
Jamie 2011

I wish to become healthier, breathing – lung – heart and circulation and for my siblings, grandchildren to add more years to my life and see me grandchildren grow and have families of their own.
Ruth 2012

I am convinced the thoughts and suggestions given pre and during hypnosis will stop me smoking.
Des 2012

I now feel better knowing I’m going to live the rest of my life fitter, stronger, healthier and more attractive to other people.  I feel much more confident in myself.
Michael 2012

I am a “non smoker,” I am going to live a long and healthy life. It flet amazing, calming and very relaxing, and to wake up to be a non smoker is the best result.
T. 2013

I needed this for myself and my daughter.  I feel as though it has made me see things clearly and I’m feeling as though I will have a life now that I am a non smoker.
N. 2013

I feel free and happy, Its very hard to explain, relaxed! different! elated!
John 2013

I am now aware that I have the ability within myself to be happy about being a non-smoker who will breath fresh air for the rest of my life.  Joanne has made me feel strong and confident that I can change myself, by myself.
Kylie 2013

A more natural way than using sprays etc. Also a quicker way than the drawn out process of patches.
Lisa 2014

It’s  about time I started to want to breath fresh air and care about putting poison into my body.
M. 2014

I feel relaxed, excited and looking forward to all the fresh air I will consume.  I will no longer be trapped by the filth of cigarettes.  I look forward excitedly to telling my family and smoking friends.  Thank you.  Money well spent.  What price do we put on our health?
Wendy 2014

I could never quite do it by myself.  Now it seems so easy to quit.
Cameron 2015

Very relaxing and feeling confident that I’ve finally quit.
Sean 2015

I know I could stop smoking but needed help to do so.  I’m pretty impressed with how I feel after that session and I will not smoke again.
M. 2015

Great feeling, never felt so strong about being a non smoker.  Thank you!
Stuart 2016

To realise that the power of the mind and words can be so powerful.  In taking control of ones self.  It changes to way we perceive our thought process and outcomes.
L. 2017

I feel happy and positive, I’m excited that everyday I will feel better and better.  I am proud of myself that I am now a non-smoker.
Kathy 2018

It was extremely well done, very informative and Jo made it an easy thing to do.
Darran 2018