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About Me

Since COVID-19, Joanne comes to your home via Zoom or Skype for a more relaxing experience.

A passion for self-help led me to read a book called “Lazy Mans Ways to Riches”. The book was based on self-hypnosis techniques. That book ended up being my Bible.

2009 was where it all started to get serious – I was unhappy in my work, had time on my hands whilst waiting for the next project to get up and running.  I Google searched “Self Help training courses”.

I came across Clinical Hypnosis training in Sydney, made a couple of calls and decided to go with Academy of Applied Hypnosis, with Leon Cowan in North Sydney for a 4-day training in “Advance Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy”.

2011 – I completed the “Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes” course.

2013 – I had the opportunity to train with Maggie Adkins, EFT Master from the USA.  And received my Level 2 Practitioner in "Emotional Freedom Techniques".

All these small courses got me into the learning mode for more modules in hypnosis to help more people other than just smokers. I completed several modules with the Academy of Applied Hypnosis, and I also studied with Uncommon Knowledge in the UK and received certificates in Stop Smoking, Depression, Low Self-Esteem, PTSD & Phobias.

2019 – I studied with Institute of Applied Psychology in Sydney and in 2020 I was awarded a "Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy".

  • Stop Smoking

  • Depression

  • Anxiety and Phobias

  • Difficulties with Self-Esteem

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Professional/Career Issues

  • Stress Management

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Other Issues 

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